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In the automotive sector, fuheng new materials to provide customers with a full range of materials solutions, has become than Jády, Xiaopeng and other automotive brands qualified suppliers. Its automotive materials include modified PP, modified PC, ABS, PC/ABS, modified PA66/6, modified PBT/PET and so on.

Free Spray

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One-time molding generates beautiful appearance and allows for higher design freedom. The materials can be recycled 100% and have been applied in fields of household appliances and automobile, etc.


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Fuheng ABS modified plastics are classified into general grade, heat resistant grade, reinforced grade, flame retardant grade, high gloss grade, transparent grade and weather resistance grade, etc. Our ABS materials have complete varieties and excellent performance, and are widely applied in household appliances, electronics, automobile parts, OA equipment and building materials, etc.


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HIPS has features of good toughness, high fatigue resistance, weather resistance, low bibulous rate, high dielectric strength, excellent electrical properties , dimensional stability and excellent processability.


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Polycarbonate is an engineering plastic with outstanding mechanical property, thermal property and electrical property and has been widely applied in the fields of electronics, automobile and medical equipment, etc. The polycarbonate has a complete range of specifications, including general grade, spray grade, reinforced grade, flame retardant grade, reinforced flame retardant grade and alloy, etc.


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Polyamide has features of very high mechanical strength, high softening point, high temperature resistance, excellent wear-resisting property, self-lubrication, shock absorption, noise reduction, oil resistance, strong chemical corrosion resistance and good electrical insulating property, etc. Fuheng’s PA series modified plastics include toughened grade, filler, flame retardant grade, reinforced grade and reinforced flame retardant grade, etc. With complete varieties and excellent performance, such series have been applied in fields of electronics, automobile, communication, mechanical engineering and sports equipment, etc.


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PBT is a hypocrystalline material with polybutylene terephthalate polymer as the main base materials. Featuring high heat resistance, good tenacity, fatigue durability, weather resistance, low water absorption, high dielectric strength, good electrical performance, dimensional stability, good formability, strong impact creep capacity and good chemical resistance, etc., it’s easy to be made into products with glass fiber reinforcement and flame retardance, and its post processing is easy. It’s mainly applicable to PBT thermoplastic polyester series products.


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Fuheng’s PP series modified plastics include heat resistant grade, reinforcement grade, weather resistance grade, flame retardant grade and high gloss grade, etc. With complete varieties and excellent performance, they are widely applicable to automobile parts, household appliances and building materials, etc.