23 years!Fu Heng focused on new materials modified plastics industry! Chinese
  • Salary Concept

    Performance orientation and contribution return: Differences in personal income shall be widened firmly in distribution as per the performance and contribution evaluation result, to guarantee those with high performance will be awarded with high return; meanwhile, under equal performance conditions, preference shall be given to the staff with long service length, dedication and high cultural recognition.

  • Reward System

    We establish multiple awards, Gold sales award, R&D innovation award, head of excellent shift, monthly outstanding employee, annual outstanding employee, advanced safety group and individual, outstanding staff dormitory and star of growth, etc. and provide abundant bonus.

  • Insurance

    All staff are entitled to legal social insurance (pension insurance, medical insurance, maternity insurance, employment injury insurance and unemployment) and housing fund. The company also provides commercial insurance as per the characteristics of post.

  • Welfare Payments

    The company provides corresponding welfare payments for wedding, maternity, hospitalization and funeral, etc. of staff.

  • Paid Leave

    In addition to the statutory holidays, the staff will be also entitled to annual leave, marriage leave, maternity leave and funeral leave with pay.

  • Household Registration Policy

    The company handles procedures of cadres recruitment and transfer, employment and post adjustment for qualified staff, and handle registered residence for outstanding graduates of this year free of charges.

  • Staff Dormitory

    The company provides the dormitory equipped with complete living facilities for staff with demand.

  • Health

    The company provides staff with free physical examination once a year and job subsidies for some posts in summer.

  • Recreation

    All staff are entitled to a tourism once a year and cozy birthday activities; various large team activities (factory celebration, year-end party, singing contest, table tennis competition, tug of war  and basketball competition, etc.) will be hold irregularly.