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Cultivate Talents

Fuheng lays emphasis on learning and pays attention to staff’s growth and development.

During continuous practical probe, Fuheng has established a sophisticated training system. At present, Fuheng’s training system mainly includes two parts: “new staff training” and “on-the-job training”. The former includes “induction training” and “fresh graduate training”; the latter includes “corporate training”, “ internal training by external lecturer”, “outsourced training” and “further study in colleges”.

“Induction training” includes introduction on corporate development history and prospect forecast, organization structure and cooperative relations, corporate culture, products/customers knowledge, administration/ human resources management system, etc. For such training, the promptness is most important. We shall ensure our staff can know, get familiar with and accept to blend in the company as quickly as possible. Thus, the Human Resources Department will organize the induction training two- three times a month as per the entry of new staff.

“Fresh graduate training” is a feature of Fuheng New Material’s training system. Every year, Fuheng recruits a large number of excellent fresh graduates from colleges and then mainly allocates them at the posts of R&D, sales, process, color match, production control and administrative management, etc. as the key training object for Fuheng’s reserve talents echelon construction. After the fresh graduates check in, the Human Resources Department will arrange theoretic study (including corporate culture, system procedure, safety knowledge, production process, 6S management, products information and elite face-to-face), quality-extended training, workshop internship for 2 months and work with assistance of senior staff after starting work at respective department.

There is a mature internal trainer team in the company. All daily corporate internal trainings are assumed by internal trainers. At present, each department organizes the internal training once a month and encourages employees of the staff to study together and build good study atmosphere and habit. The courses of internal training shall be arranged by the department as per actual requirements. For courses such as technology and marketing, the company shall hire external senior experts to lecture at the company as per the reality.

Meanwhile, Fuheng always cooperates with major training institutions in China and provides opportunities for the staff to study courses such as EMBA and MBA in training medium and senior executives, accomplishing personal pursuit and self-value while meeting enterprise demand.

Career Development