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Flame-retardant PP

It’s applicable to household appliances, electronic components, battery shell and sanitary ware, etc.Corresponding models: FH-PP-R100, FH-PP-R200, FH-PP-R300, FH-PP-R100HG and FH-PP-R100TM.

Detailed Synopsis

Grade Category Features Purpose Download
FH-PP-R100TM Flame-retardant PP Transparent flame retardance Household products
FH-PP-R100HG Flame-retardant PP High-gloss flame retardance Household appliances and sanitary ware
FH-PP-R300 Flame-retardant PP Halogen-free flame retardance and high impact Household appliances
FH-PP-R200 Flame-retardant PP Halogen-free flame retardance, non- precipitation Battery shell
FH-PP-R100 Flame-retardant PP Nitrogen and phosphorus based flame retardance and high mobility Household appliances