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Sales Manager: 2


1. Leads, builds and manages sales team and trains new staff;

2. Leads the team to complete sales objective;

3. Develops customers’ financial demand through channels such as company support, etc. to help sales personnel complete sales objective;

4. Gets familiar with plastics granulation products, such as modified plastics and engineering plastics, etc.


1. Bachelor degree or above, 28- 40 years old;

2. Clear utterance, fluent mandarin, and infectious and enthusiastic voice;

3. High enthusiasm for sales work;

4. Strong learning ability and excellent communication skills;

5. Touch character, quick-wittedness and good ability for emergency handling and pressure bearing.

Note: Those without management experience of plastics granulation team shall not apply this position.

Process Engineer: 2


1. Bachelor degree or above, 25- 40 years old; certain English reading and writing ability, major of high polymer material preferred;
2. Abundant experience on abnormalities handling of production site, screw combination design and arrangement;

3. Familiar with production process of color master batch and functional masterbatch and ability to formulate and improve the production process;
4.Excellent process document writing ability and ability to compile  strongly operational various process documents in accordance with specifications;
5. Good affinity and communication skills and willingness to find better craft, process solutions with front-line manufacturing workers.

Main Responsibilities:

1. Process formulation: formulates various production process documents in accordance with ISO standards;
2. Process optimization: inspects on site to find existing problems of current production crafts and processes, works out optimization scheme and implement the new scheme; (process training, implementation supervision and efficiency inspection).
3. Equipment optimization: designs the upgrading and renovation and works out a proposal to existing tooling and equipments with the objective of efficiency, quality  improvement and costs reduction;
4. Organizes, coordinates with and supervises relevant departments in process completion and equipment optimization as scheduled.

R&D Cadre: 5


1. Master degree or above majoring in high polymer material, pleasant personality, clear thinking and fresh graduates preferred; 

2. Height: 155 cm above for females and 170 cm above for males;
3. The subsequent development of such post is R&D technician or post of production and sales as per personal intention, and fresh graduates shall be preferred.