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Hengfu New Material Listed in NEEQ

2016-04-26 admin
(Being listed in NEEQ unveils a new journey)
      On May 20, 2015, Shenzhen Hengfu New Material Co., Ltd. was listed on NEEQ successfully (Stock code: 82469, stock name: Hengfu New Material)
The stock code of Fuheng in NEEQ is as shown in the figure
       Hengfu New Material, established in 1993, is specialized in R&D, production, sales and service of high-performance new materials and devoted to technical research and application of modified plastics. With advanced R&D concept, comprehensive talent team construction and good software and hardware allocation, the company takes the lead in the industry in terms of R&D capacity and is a national new high-tech enterprise. Being listed in NEEQ also formally indicates Hengfu New Material has been accepted by the market.
       For the development prospect in the future, Ms. Yao Xiuzhu, the president of the company also gave high expectations: “Being listed in NEEQ is a good start. In the future, we will stick to the management idea of practice, refinement, exploration and innovation, and enrich technical connotation, promote professional quality and expand service scope through continuous technical innovation and introduction. We will strive to return the government, the market and investors with growing performance.”
       We have reasons to believe, Hengfu New Material will certainly continue strengthening its own products and technology advantages by virtue of this opportunity and we have confidence to lead the new era of plastics industry while actively responding to the government call.
       Fuheng ---- Develop with innovation and integrity!

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